Monday, May 21, 2012

Tracey Trance / Run DMT - Little Treats / The Road Soda | Album Feature

The sounds on Tracey Trance and Run DMT newest split cassette begin dripping out of the stereo in a slow-syrupy motion. It's something akin to waking up on a saturday morning and finding your Aunt Jemima left out over night, upside down, and ready to join the THC butter spread all over your pancakes. The first bite is irresistible and sets off the surreal rabbit hole of reality you're about to venture through. All breakfast analogies aside there is some sort of serious nostalgic vibes and pseudo (or maybe not so pseudo) musical naivety happening here that blows the roof of this split. Searching back in some sugar addled recess of the mind where absurdist humor, TV soundtracks, and pop music meet.

Tracey Trance starts things off here with a blurry of fuzzy & faded keyboard patterns that could be the theme song recorded straight from the TV to cassette (albeit one that's been around the block a few times, if you can dig where I'm coming from). Now that I think about it the whole side carries this sort of sound all the way. One could make a rather crude comparison to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as well, if those men & women were children of post-Thachter era. At times haunting and deeply moving while maintaining a total naive weirdo vibe.

Run DMT's side "The Road Soda" has a brief spoken word that sounds as if it could have been taken from a youtube video describing a mysterious clip found at the beginning of a video tape. The clip is of a "guy in a strange mask." On these words a synthesizer rolls into the mix announcing what the listener has in store for themselves throughout the composition. A messy yet cohesive collage of found sound dialogue, synthesizers, noise, and similarly to Tracey Trance's half an eccentric sense of humor and approach to music. A approach that is wholly in line with the times and one that each have helped define and refine.

Tracey Trance and Run DMT's split cassette is available now via CGIFRIDAY (a label who have been killing it as of late, keep an eye out.) 

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