Monday, February 28, 2011

MV & EE are hitting the road this April with Mick Flower (Vibracatherdral Orchestra) for a tour of the North East. The tour has many highlights along the way that see the duo joined by special guests. While in Boston Mick Flower will also branch out from MV & EE to perform with longtime collaborator and much heralded underground percussionist Chris Corsano. Their Brooklyn show will see recent LSTN favorite Spectre Folk play as well.

LSTN is proud to be presenting 2 of their NY shows, one at SUNY Purchase & Death By Audio (BK) respectively. Check back for more info on these dates in the near future.

In the meantime the Matt & Erika recently started their own blog (sounds familiar to us over here at Last Nights) where you'll be able to get MV & EE related news straight from the source. You can check it out at

Live Dates
April Flower Tour
Mon 4th - Feeding Tube - Northampton, MA (w/ Willie Lane)
Tues 5th - The Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY
Wed 6th - The Church - Boston, MA (w/ Flower Corsano Duo & Mmoss)
Thurs 7th - SUNY Purchase - Purchase, NY (w/ Images, Jefferson High, Colour Bük)
Fri 8th - Death By Audio - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Spectre Folk, Images, Jefferson High)
Sat 9th - Brickbat Books - Philadelphia, PA (w/ Willie Lane)
Sun 10th - The Crimson Lion Hookah Lounge - Wilkes-Barre , PA

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Metal Mountains are a few shows in NYC this March for the release of their debut LP, Golden Trees. The group counts as its members Helen Rush, P.G. Six, & Samara Lubelski. None of whom are strangers due to their involvement in the infamous Tower Recordings, not to mention their own solo outings and other band involvements. That is all but Rush who has been conspicuously quiet up until now, as the press release informs us that Metal Mountains' songs are primarily penned Rush.

The album is being released by Amish records who have a history of putting out some outstanding LPs by some of the best avant-folk/underground artists working today. This includes Hall of Fame, Oakley Hall & Starving Weirdos to name a few.

Above you'll find a video of Metal Mountains performing "Orange/Yellow" at Monster Island Basement Feb. 4th, 2011. A show that saw them share the stage with Ducktails & Woods. While below you'll find live dates for Metal Mountains & Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett.

Live Dates

Metal Mountains
Mar 3 - Secret Project Robot - NYC (w/ Spectre Folk, Roeenney)
Mar 20 - The Stone
NYC (curated by White Out)

Samara Lubelski/Marcia Bassett Duo
Feb 22nd - Zebulon - NYC (w/ Messages, Eleven Twentynine, Gunn/Truscinski Duo)
March 18th- Church of St. Paul - NYC *Samara solo (w/ Godspeed You Black Emporer)
March 29th - A/V Night at LMAK Series - NYC
Duo April 17th - The Stone - NYC (w/ Helen Rush)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It seems Peter Nolan's solo material as Spectre Folk is consistently understood as a side project in the public eye. After all it's hard to compete when your other band is thee Magik Markers. But maybe things will start to change a little in the near future as Nolan and company prepare for the release of the newest Spectre Folk 12" EP out on Woodsist March 29.

The Blackest Medicine, Vol II as it's called seems to take inspiration from the same pool of acidic stoned folk rock as the previous few Spectre Folk albums. This album sees Nolan joined by Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady) , & Aaron Mullen (Tall Firs).

Any doubts of the music coming second to such a star studded line up are put to rest by the end the title track The Blackest Medicine. Resembling moments of like minded musicians such as MV & EE, as well as the label's figure heads Woods. But then again Peter has been doing this for some time, before his time with Magik Markers, as Elisa Ambrogio points out in her insightful take on the release.

Peter Nolan is currently touring with Sic Alps, playing in Magik Markers. You can find the dates here.

And if you can check out the previous Spectre Folk release Compass Blanket Lantern Mojo on Nolan's own Arbitrary Signs label.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks to all who came out to the Silk Flowers Record Release last Friday (2/4)! It was a great time. Happy so many people came out for the party and got to check out all the awesome bands. Shea Stadium, our gracious hosts for the evening, recently launched their own website ( and will hopefully be providing audio of each set in the near future.

...Anyway big thanks to Shea Stadium, Silk Flowers, Soft Circle, Mazing Vids, R.A.F. & all who came out!

On another note...

Some of you may have noticed the changes to the blog. I've decided it best to widen my focus a bit you could say. First of all I've merged my other blog with this one, creating a sole site for everything that myself & LSTN (Last Nights) are up. This includes the random ponderings and whatnot.

I've also been in the habit of booking & promoting more and more show as of late, rather than putting out an endless stream of recordings that few will buy. Still reserving the right for the occasional LSTN release but mainly everything will go the route of shows as far as promotion stuff goes. Hopefully more fun and useful!


NYC based group Psychic Ills have been pushing some boundaries with their blend of art/psych rock and electronics for a few years now. As such their addition into RVNG's FRKWYS 12" catalogue isn't too surprising. But when you consider that people like Detroit Techno pioneer Juan Atkins decided to jump on board and provide a remix of their 2009 track Mantis things get pretty exciting.

The release also boasts remix's by Gibby Hanes (Butthole Surfers) & Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust). Yes, it's definitely rad that they were able to get these guys but their tracks left little to the imagination especially when compared with the source material. As such Atkins' track manages to outshine the rest due to both a thoughtful approach in wedding the sounds of Detroit Techno with the Ills unique blend of electronics & psych rock. Turning the meditative track Mantis into a... well, meditative 4 on the floor classic.

More info on this release and other RVNG releases check their site here.

Images - 'The 60's Sound' CS32

The 60's Sound
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The great people at AMDISCS have also been kind enough to distribute the EP digitally.

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