Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jackie O Motherfucker

Jackie O Motherfucker have returned with another full-length titled Earth Sound System, on Fire Records. It sees Tom Greenwood & company following down a similar to path to what they have been mining for a bit now, though still offering the occasional twist, as heard on "Here We Go". The song is propelled by a scuzzy bass line, some off-klitered guitar strums, & Greenwood's vocals located out front resembling a more garage take on classic JOMF tune.

Fire has also put up a mix by Tom Greenwood himself over on their soundcloud. Listening to the mix is akin to swimming through a pool containing a couple of Greenwood & JOMF's sonic influences. While listening to the tracks many of the sounds & musical structures can been seen as informing the sound Greenwood & company have built throughout their 15 plus year career.

The mix features an eclectic mix of tunes that feature some weirdo experimentation & traditional song form. While finishing my first listen I noticed the striking stylistic ark of the drum machines role within the mix, which begins with a weirdo track that is anchored by the snare hiss of some cheap casio drum machine by The Door & The Window & finishing with the smooth electronic flow of Eddi Flashin Fowlikes "Deep Cover". Definitely worth a listen until the Earth Sound System comes out July 4th.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Nights Presents:

Last Nights Presents:

This Saturday July 2nd come join Last Nights at Shea Stadium for a night of fantastic music with the likes of

Sore Eros

A fantastic collision of lush sounds and textures, the record touches on "Blue Jay Way"-style psychedelic drone, melodic pop, and fractured country-rock, all brought together by soaring, cathedral-like production and intonated vocals. Now a fully-fledged three-piece with Andy Tomasello (of Eat Cloud) on drums and slide guitar, Sore Eros has begun to take their music directly to the people with a live show described by one concert-goer as "frighteningly no-filler... [A] fifth-dimension bar band performing an exorcism." -SHDWPLY

’ve read reviews that try to compare her work to early Björk, but I just don’t hear it. I think all of her material, though this record is her most lucid to date, is less traditionally beautiful than Björk. Instead, there is a reinvented grace and elegance. There’s a lot more here to the exposing and communication of the female soul. We hear a kind of playful intimacy, a vulnerable exchange of dreams, and girlish joy put on exhibition for the listener to experience. This is accomplished through the trippy rhythms and ethereal vocals that can be comforting, vivacious, and overwhelming that sometimes bring it all at once or presents itself as a tribute to a single instinct. -Foxy Digitalis

With an upcoming 12" on 100% Silk (Not Not Fun offshoot) Octo Octa brings some strong communal dance-music vibes.

Special Guest DJ Jonas Reinhardt

Marking their first appearance in NYC since the release of their stellar album Music For The Tactile Dome, Jonas Reinhardt will be the DJ for the evening, providing tunes that'll keep the vibes going throughout the night.

"San Francisco-based analog astronaut Jonas Reinhardt is somewhat of a standout amidst the pile-up of experimental electro-synth albums the last few years have seen. The dude’s got a clear talent for crafting fully-realized and super-polished tracks that can span genres and moods while still managing, bless his heart, to keep it all positive." - Sick Of The Radio

Sat. July 2nd
@ Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St., Brooklyn, NY
$7 // Doors 8pm
For more info & to RVSP click here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eric Copeland

Eric Copeland returns with a new full-length that continues to mine a weirdo beats & broken radio aesthetic that has come to be his trademark of sorts. the album comes after releasing a couple singles on PPM that began to showcase a new direction for the artist. Waco Taco Combo sees Copeland to tredding away from the overtly pop sensibilities of the last two singles more closely resembling. Whereas the Puerto Rican & Doo Doo Run 7"s contained short blasts of psych-pop grooves, complete with melodies and all, Waco Taco has Copeland digging into more beat driven arrangements. At times the album more closely resembles his work with Black Dice, for which he became known, though always veers back towards his own unique & identifiable sound. The album is released by Denmark based label Escho, in an edition of 500.

PPM has also announced a new 7" by Copeland titled Whorehouse Blues. The single contains three new tracks that, according to the press release, follow in a similar vein as the weirdo pop of Puerto Rican 7". You can check the video Black Dice made for Copeland's Fun Dink Death below. What a busy dude!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Nights Presents:

Last Nights Presents:

Sore Eros
Special Guest DJ Jonas Reinhardt

@ Shea Stadium
20 Meadow St., Brooklyn, NY
$7 // Doors 8pm
For more info & to RVSP click here

Monday, June 20, 2011

NOVELLER "ALONE STAR" from Matt Kleiner

To go along with the upcoming show at Shea Stadium, Noveller has just released her newest album Glacial Glow on Weird Forest. I remember recently reading a press statement discussing her "poetic guitar prose" & that may very well be dead on. As the video demonstrates Lipstate has managed to create expressive narratives within her work that seems to often be grouped with many modern guitar-drone musics. Such a comparison may at first seem obvious but the association may be flimsy at best as Glacial Glow extends Noveller's use of the guitar towards a unique aesthetic sensibility all her own.

"Alone Star" (posted above) is the lead track off of this new album. The composition expresses the expansive & ever so dramatic guitar compositions Sarah Lipstate has become known for. The video directed by Matt Kleiner provides a sleak & beautiful visual montage of time-lapsed movements throughout a city, the result captures Noveller's work wonderfully.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Poster by Andrew Brown

Last Nights & Weird Forest Present:

Friday July 15th
49 S. 2nd Street (BTW Kent & Wythe)
8pm // $7
All Ages

For more info & to RVSP click here
Since about 2008 Haley Fohr has been steadily releasing a stream of albums under the moniker Circuit Des Yeux on such notable labels as Night People & De Stijl. Her embrace of downer neo-folk & youth, I believe she's 21 or 22, seems to lead minds to wander to the wider field of young gothic women cropping up as of late, the most notable person being Zola Jesus. But Fohr seems content on exploring a more acoustic edge of the spectrum thus far as demonstrated in the video above for "3311" from her upcoming album Portrait.

Portrait is her 3rd full length LP for De Stijl, something quite impressive for anyone let alone of Fohr's age. The press release informs us that it is "Seemingly inspired by something or someone that has pierced her young, little heart". creating an album that is as much about cathartic release as intimate sonic journey.

Monday, June 13, 2011

SSPS , aka Jon Nicholson or Porkchop (of Excepter), has been a busy dude as of late. He was seen earlier this year releasing what constitutes his first full length album Highly Sensitive Safeguards Secure on the Obsolete Units imprint. As the video above demonstrates the CS showcases SSPS honing in on his improv electronics for a far more concise & maybe most engaging to date. It is a dark & straight to the point minimal synth affair, that establishes a relationship works of the past, like Obsolete Units cited Juan Atikins, Kraftwerk, & Conrad Schnitzler, while forging a singular path within this vernacular.

Now only a few short months after the release of Highly Sensitive comes the announcement of SSPS's 1st 12" "Sky Plane Field Road." The album is set to be released by Avant-God, which is co-run by another member of Excepter Nathan Korbin, sometime in the near future.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Nights Presents:


Monday July 11th
915 Wyckoff Ave Queens NY
8pm // $7
All Ages

For more info & to RSVP click here

* Unfortunately LIPS will no longer be playing this show as they are no longer touring.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The trio Hertta Lussu Ässä have been at it for quite a while now together as a "super-group" of sorts of the Finnish underground. The group is composed of Jonna Karanka (aka Kuupuu), Merja Kokkonen (aka Islaja), & Laura Naukkarinen (aka Lau Nau) who each have followed their own musical pursuits. After traversing throughout the Finnish & EU avant-underground the trio have landed on De Stijl to release their upcoming S/T full length.

Hertta follow in the same vein as each members own projects sound or other contemporaries such as Kria Brekkan. It is a totally unhinged music that is primarily based upon acoustic instrumentation, though that is not to say it is folk music. Rather it should be found within the general consciousness of what's happening within the greater underground of the world.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Again, I'm drawn towards some present day devotees of the motorick-kosmiche sound. This isn't so surprising as the sound & scene's associated with Germany circa the the 1970's & 80's have become canonical in the contemporary electronic underground. Forma seem to take all of this as their starting point. The sound of Harmonia & Cluster pulses through their work in way that functions more than mere facsimile. The trio of Mark Dwinnel, Sophie Lam, & George Bennet use their Kraut-forefathers as a taking off point, guiding the group to new sonic terrain.

Forma have been displaying their analog skills most recently on their S/T debut LP Spectrum Spools. The album was released through Spectrum Spools, a new label created by Editions Mego. A band that is perfect for those looking for a cosmic trip into contemporary synthesis, or on a smokey roadtrip.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


platetectonics from b sullivan on Vimeo.

Last Nights just stumbled upon a video for United Waters "Platetectonics" taken from the recent LP Your First Ever River. Some may already be familiar with Brian Sullivan, the man behind United Waters, & especially his work as 1/2 of the experimental noisniks Mouthus. In this case his new solo work may come as a bit of a surprise, but based upon the leading track heard above there seems to be much to unearth for newcomers & Mouthus fans a like.

Platetectonics is a ramshackled tune that merges beautiful guitar lines, electronic percussion, & fuzz in all the right ways. Along the way Sullivan low voice enters the picture offering a little melancholy & inspiration. While listening I'm constantly reminded of similar songsmiths of recent years. The work of Ben Chasny's Six Organs of Admittance standing at the forefront of my mind & ears. Yet even if briefly obscured by such references the overall composition structure manages to remind the listener of the uniqueness of Sullivan's work.

You can pick up United Waters Your First Ever River via the fine folks at Arbitrary Signs now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jonas Reinhardt - Smokey Jotus via Not Not Fun.

A little Kosmiche -Kraut groove can go a long way sometimes. Lucky for us Jonas Reinhardt have recently dropped a new album via Not Not Fun titled Music For The Tactile Dome. The group have been mining the synth-kraut groove for a bit now, though maybe not as long as their german forefathers, having released their debut on Kranky in 2008.

That is not to say that Jonas Reinhardt are merely rehashing the sounds of some 30 odd years ago. The trio treat the listener to music that harkens back towards the classic sound of greats like Neu, Klaus Schulze, & recently rediscovered legend Harald Grosskopf. After all the comparison's have been depleted what is left over is a contemporary vision of the future past.