Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Nights Presents: MV & EE / Amen Dunes / Eleven Twenty-Nine

Last Nights Presents:

Thursday, August 11th
20 Meadow St., Brooklyn, NY
Doors 8:30pm
Tickets: $8

Last Nights is excited to continue or relationship with the mighty force that is MV & EE. This time joined by Amen Dunes, who himself is preparing to release his second full length LP "Though Donkey Jaw" via Sacred Bones August 16th. Tom Carter (Charamlabides) & Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man) will be filling out the evening with performing in their ongoing collaboration as Eleven Twenty-Nine. An exciting night that promises to be full of some hooks & some six string skill.


- recently released "Country Stash" (Three Lobed) & "What I Became" (Woodsist)

Praise for "Country Stash" & "What I Became":

"Country Stash must stand as one of this artist’s most definitive and important releases to date, a release which seems to combine all those elements of psychedelic spectrasound, carefully-crafted real songs and the influence of those extended live jams all into a single album." -Andrew Ross (Volcanic Tongue)

Since what seems like the dawn of time, Matt "MV" Valentine has been cranking out (and cranking out) albums[…] Normally, such obsessive ejaculating of music eventually paralyzes creativity and castrates consumer interest, but with MV each sweet release is always a fresh endeavor. We can't help it; those irresistible rural psych nuggets make us weak[…] the best time to get into MV may have been years ago but don't fret… the nth best time is right now because he is to release his latest record, What I Became[…] - Tiny Mix Tapes

Amen Dunes

- 2nd full-length LP "Through Donkey Jaw" (Sacred Bones) out August 16th

Praise for previous full-length DIA:

"I expected the cleverly-named Amen Dunes album entitled Dia to either serve more triple-layer lo-fi baked goods or some "freaky" (if unthreatening) country folk, but not both. Of course, it sounds natural, and effortless, and happens to be a scruffy, acoustic contribution to the lo-fi brigade, but sounds like dude isn't platting an overthrow, just making really good music." - Jeremy Krinsley, Impose Magazine

"As McMahon's tunes sharpen and deepen, he becomes like an American cousin to Kiwi songsmiths Alastair Galbraith, Chris Knox, and brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies [...] The key to how McMahon can evoke those greats and still bring some of himself to the mix is his voice. On the surface his singing sounds raw and monotone, pitched in a droning hum and distorted at the edges. But listen closely and you can hear subtl changes that give DIA a surprising diversity. On "White Lace", his singing rises sharly, pulling his guitar along with it. He alternates tough moans and eerie falsettos in a Barrett-ish "Castles", and ghosts of know and Galbraith emerge via his openly earnest croons in "No Shot". By album's end, McMahon's meditative hums are pratically all that's left, like shells on a beaten shore glistening in the sunset. " - Marc Masters, Pitchfork

Eleven Twenty-Nine

- S/T debut (Northern-Spy) out now

Praise for Eleven Twenty-Nine:

“…zenith-ascension & raga blend(ing)s of clark hutchinson band & even the more guitar-centric bits in the popol vuh canon … no doubt in my mind that these are visionary players both, equally at ease pealing off “travelogue” lineage modal / pedal-point interplay, acoustic lap-steel / resonator glissandi, and even some heavy, amp-worship zones that point towards a blend of loren mazzacane connor’s bedroom confessionals & hendrix’ octaviated space-madrigals…” - Mimaroglu

“Tom and Marc have metabolized the folk, blues and rock forms to create a whole new dialect for guitar” - Jeff Conklin, East Village Radio

Monday, July 18, 2011

MV & EE "Suub Duub" tour

Hey MV & EE have announce a summer US tour making rounds across the north-east & a couple stops in Canada. The aptly titled the "Suub Duub Tour" sees the duos second outing this year & Last Nights couldn't be happier.

Some people may remember the duo's last trip out with Mick Flower this past spring on the "April Flower" tour, as Last Nights put on a show or two with them including one at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY of which you can see below. That night saw Jefferson High, Images, Spectre Folk, and MV & EE w/ Mick Flower all hit the stage, with a specoal guest appearance by Jeremy Earl of Woods. While emailing wiht MV, he informed me that this tour is being released as part of the duo own Heroine label.

We're stoked to also be hitting back up with Matt & Erika for another night in Brooklyn. This August 10th at Shea Stadium Last Nights will be presenting MV & EE along with Amen Dunes and Eleven Twenty-Nine. This night will also be special as Amen Dunes gets set to release his 2nd full-length album "Through Donkey Jaw" via Sacred Bones records. While not forgetting Elven Twenty-Nine, aka Tom Carter (Charalambides etc.) & Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man) who recently released their S/T debut on Northern-Spy records. WE'll soon be providing more info on the event soon so keep your eyes peeled.

MV & EE "Suub Duub" tour dates

July 27th - Greenfield, MA The People & Pine
July 28h - New Brunswick, NJ: Tumulty's Pub
July 29th - Philadelphia, PA: Highwire Gallery
July 30th - Easthampton, MA: Dubios Liftings Festival
August - 11th Brooklyn, NY: Shea Stadium *
August - 12th Washington, D.C.: The Church
August - 20th Montreal, Canada: La Brique
August - 21st Toronto, Canada: Placebo Space
August - 27th Hudson, NY: Spotty Dog

* Last Nights Presents w/ Amen Dunes & Eleven Twenty-Nine

Friday, July 1, 2011

Anika - No One's There from Mintonfilm.

Anika may be on her way to becoming a household name ala Nico who she seems to be often liken to. In the world of music criticism & the like many bands are often unfairly or undeservedly pigeoned holed by such comparisons. In this case though the similarities add up. Her deep germanic voice, though maybe more overtly feminine than the cultural icons, striking in its uniqueness & beauty. A voice which after listening to a track such as "No One's There" leaves few other points of reference.

Anika - Yang Yang from Mintonfilm.

Anika has already released her debut S/T album via Invada in the EU & Stones Throw in the US & Japan. The album was recorded with Geoff Barrow & his group Beak> in a 12 day stint. The melding of Anika & the group result in an incredibly catchy sound that is showcased in "No One's There" & the previous Anika single "Ying Yang". We can only look forward to hearing more Anika, as she forges ahead maybe not straight into Nico's shoes but hopefully somewhere that she may continue developing her sound waiting for the next bass throb.

This is an update of sorts on a previous Last Nights post. We first mentioned Diva back in April after being turned onto her tunes by Leyna Noel (aka Psychic Reality) & have been listening ever since. Luckily the label Critical Heights has stepped in to give Diva's debut The Glitter End. The album has become a Last Nights favorite since it was 1st played on the speakers a couple months back. & is perfect for some hot summer nights. One of the standout tracks from the album Glow Worm, video above, perfectly showcases Diva's bubbly pop side. You should really check it out.

Speaking of bubbly pop songs for those in the Brooklyn area this weekend you should definitely make it out to Shea Stadium Saturday, July 2nd for Sore Eros, Psychic Reality, Octo Octa, & special guest DJ Jonas Reinhardt! The show is all ages & is $7, with cheap drinks for the 21 & ups. Check more details here & here.