Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out of the ashes as they say... or something like that. Anyway it seems like a lot of people are doing pretty good following the demise of Pocahaunted. Now we have music from the likes of Psychic Reality & Best Coast to listen to. T0 add to that list here is Diva Her music melds a number of contemporary sounds, Ducktails & Sun Araw come to mind, while at other instances harking back to Syd Barret's acid tinged solo work.

After a few listens to her self-released cassette The Glitter End I realized that Diva can actually write some terrific songs! Poking through all the synth squiggles, some unbelievable hypnogogic pink floyd moment, & drum samples appear some great songs.

You can buy the album from Diva's bandcamp or a cassette straight from the artist. Did I mention you can choose your own price for the download?

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