Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mac DeMarco - Rock and Roll Night Club

Is it just me or does this scream David Bowie? Maybe a better question is do I really care? Regardless Mac DeMarco (aka Makeout Videotape) is on to something here with a contemporary twist on some soulful glam-rock that defies time. From the opening title track the foundation for the entire EP is set in place with Demarco's cheeky baritone vocals taking center stage.

Rock And Roll Night Club is full of the type of swagger that made the afore mentioned star shine. I mean look at that picture for the cover and then you have half of the history of glam rock. That said this sound has a somewhat later take on Bowie. Young Americans in particular stands as a reference point, albeit filtered through... well Mac Demarco seemingly having a lot of fun. At least we're able to go along for the ride.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tom Greenwood - West Coast Tour & new 7"

Fire Records is releasing a new 7" featuring two songs written and adapted by the trio of Tom Greenwood, Joanne Robertson, & David Cunningham. People may be familiar with these folks from their various musical travels, Greenwood being the principle songwriter and leader of avant-folk group Jackie-O Motherfucker, Robertson's own solo wanderings, & Cunningham's significant production work with groups such as This Heat along with his gallery arts sound practice.

According to the press release "These songs were formed from an inspired evening session of improvising and recording in London in June 2008, at the brick lane studio of David Cunningham. The three musicians were woking together on a performance event at the ICA in London that week, and took the opportunity to try tracking some songs together." And try they did succeeding in the creation of a slow moving musical environment that suits these artists perfectly.

In support of the 7" Tom Greenwood is heading out on a two week solo tour of the west coast this December. The tour will consist of shows beginning in Seattle, WA and down towards Los Angeles, CA. You can check out the current dates below. The shows will consist of classic JOMF material and more recent Greenwood songs and adaptations.

12/2 - Seattle, WA - Vera Project@
12/3 - Tacoma, WA - The Den
12/4 - Olympia, WA - The Guesthouse
12/5 - Woodland, WA - Blackbird Farm
12/6 - Portland, OR - Valentines
12/8 - Davis, CA - Villa Nova ^
12/9 - San Jose, CA - Anno Domini Gallery ^
12/10 - San Francisco, CA - Needles & Pens *
12/11 - San Francisco, CA - Adobe Books*
12/16 - Los Angeles, CA - Synchronicity Space*
12/17 - Los Angeles, CA - Human Resources #

@ Pterodactyl
^ w/ Sun Foot
* w/ Strawberry Smog
# w/ Tara Jane Oneil

Friday, November 25, 2011

Master Musicians of Jajouka & Sol Rel Sol records

The Master Musicians of Jajouka - Brian Jones by S. S./ Sol Re Sol Records

I'm totally excited to see some prime recordings of The Master Musicians of Jajouka back in print by way of The Primal Energy That Is The Music And Ritual Of Jajouka, Morocco. The track above Brian Jones, written for no other than the former Rolling Stone himself, is an upbeat groover that fans of some contemporary international musicians such as Group Doueh or Omar Souleyman will dig into, though it's worth noting that the Musicians of Jajouka have been on the radar of the underground and international scene since their first recordings with Brian Jones.

The album is being released by Sol Re Sol which SS Records has announced to be their new subsidiary. The new imprint will allow the people behind SS to step away from their avant rock and into the world and all the music that comes with it. As such the internationally inclined label has set it sights on delivering some first class tunes from around the globe that "fans of Sublime Frequencies, Mississippi Records, the Nonesuch Explorer series, Ocura Records, and the Ethnic Folkways series" will love. Combine that with the label's direct use of the constructed language of the same name.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka's Primal Energy album is available now from Sol Re Sol.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sian Alice Group have announced they've called it quits with the members going their separate ways.
The news comes after releasing 2 full-lengths albums 59.59 and Troubled, Shaken Etc. , each of which are double disc sets respectively, and some odds and ends. The path for former core members Ben Crook and Sian Ahern is thus far EAUX. The sound of which judging by the two demos provided on their site continue with what their fans know and love about the group. A distinctly British sound designed for moments of introspection, with Sian's dramatic voice leading you through it.

Stay tuned to EAUX's tumblr for more updates and future music.

Last Nights on Facebook


So I recently decided to start a facebook and post some more informal status updates there. The occasional show reminder, some videos blast from the present/future/past, or perhaps a recipes to go along with records. Who knows the internet is the limit at this point folks.

You can check it out here and "like" it if you will.

Monday, November 21, 2011

LastNights: Spectre Folk / Colin L. Orchestra / Images Tonight Nov. 21st

Flier by Scott Ryan Davis
Hey those of you in the Brooklyn area should be sure to check this show out tonight. Colin L. Orchestra will be getting the evening started allowing the early birds to weep the rewards while the late comers try to catch up.

Colin L. Orchestra (ex USAISAMONSTER)

Monday, November 21st
Death By Audio
49 S. 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY
8:30pm | $7

RVSP on Facebook here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

U.S. Girls - "Island Song" video & new Label

U.S. Girls has been coming out of the underground, or tape murk if you will, with a more streamlined approach to her song craft. The Island Song & it's compellingly beautiful video shot & directed by Megan Remy herself give a pretty indication of her departure. She is keeping the tape hiss to a bare minimum allowing the arrangement to naturally unfold being propelled by some almost new wave synth textures.

To go with the updated attitude and eyes for production detail Remy has released a new LP on Kraak and launched her own label Calico Corp. For the label's first offerings they have provided a single for "The Island Song", which is taken from the full-length LP U.S. Girls on Kraak, & another 7" for Slim Twig. All three releases are available now.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Last Nights Presents: Spectre Folk / Colin L. Orchestra / Images

Happy to announce an upcoming Last Nights show this Monday, November 21st at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY. The night will see Spectre Folk, Colin L. Orchestra, & Images hit the stage for a special night of some laid back psychedelic jammers.

Pete Nolan (aka Spectre Folk) and his band have been on a winning streak as of the last year or so. The band's ferocious appetite for playing out as often as possible has seen Spectre Folk grow into a live band not to be missed around Brooklyn and New York as a whole, which can be a city gorged with talent. If one is to combine the live show with their recorded output of Nolan/the band then it becomes obvious why Fader called them a "New York supergroup".

Some may know Colin Langenus from his time as one half of USAISAMONSTER but his work with the Orchestra is a different matter. Justin Farrar wrote for the Village Voice that the Colin L. Orchestra are "big band that produces a cloudy blend of classic rock, country folk, and Rhys Chatham-inspired minimalism." Letting their hair way down the group loosely work their way the tunes at hand allowing some inspiration to lead the way.

Though keeping a low profile in recent memory Images will be making a special appearance. The show is set to be the first live show since playing Creepy Teepee in the Czech Republic this past summer and haven't played NY since this past spring, which coincidentally also with Spectre Folk. A new album titled Know What I Mean, created as a duo version of the group, has recently been finished with it's release details TBA.

Spectre Folk
Colin L. Orchestra

Monday, November 21st
Death By Audio
49 S. 2nd Street Brooklyn, NY
8:30pm | $7

RVSP on Facebook here

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Earn - A Following Shadow LP, Tour, & Last Nights show

It's a pleasure seeing the metamorphosis some musicians have undergone in recent years from harsh noise into new calmer terrain. Luminaries that readily spring to mind are group's such as Animal Collective or Black Dice, each arriving at their own respective sound. Matthew Sullivan aka Earn has taken the same journey arriving at something totally different than said mentioned artists and what may be the extreme opposite of his previous work as Privy Seals. What results is one of the highlights of modern day ambient music.

Ambient may be a poor word/genre choice though because as the press release for his new record A Following Shadow makes clear there is a definite emotional bent underscoring the compositions, and yes the work feels like a composition not an obvious electronic improv. Possibly looking towards works William Basinki's Disintegration Loops or Eno's classic ambient albums. Which isn't a comparison to be ashamed of.

Earn is undertaking a national tour for the release, via PPM records. The tour is not only for the release of A Following Shadow. It is also for the release of two other albums the first by tour-mate Mirror To Mirror's Here You Leave Today, via Jugular Forest, & a collaborative album between the two. The collaborative effort enlists some possible postmodernist black-humor in the group title as 1958-2009, an homage of sorts to the late Michael Jackson.

The outing includes a Last Nights organized show at Shea Stadium this Sunday November 20th along with Pete Swanson (ex-Yellow Swans) + Brian Sullivan (Mouthus, United Waters) & Civilian Device. As I've mentioned before I'm looking forward to witnessing Swanson & Sullivan's meeting as it isn't to be missed along with the special talents of each musician.

Earn's A Following Shadow is available Nov. 15th., while Mirror To Mirror's Here You Leave Today is available now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Chrome Wings - New Lands LP

While perusing the web the other evening I stumbled upon these dudes who go by Chrome Wings. It turns out it's a duo who hail from Portland, OR and have been kicking about the ambient/pop scene for a little bit now. As luck would have it as well they had just posted a video for "Motionless" from their newest full-length New Lands.

The track & accompanying video is indicative of what you'll find on the album, albeit in a bite sized portion. A slow burner for sure whose reference points being first generation ambient composer John Hassell. For all the great warm and fuzzy vibes Chrome Wings show here they're equally able to offer something slightly more upbeat take, positioned to the realm of pop music's general framework. Tracks such as New Lands or Stay High in particular prove that the group has some wider ideas to offer and groove to other than mere hazy ambience.

New Lands has been released by AMDISCS and is available now as a digital download and LP.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

FRKWYS: Blues Control & Laraaji - Collaboration & LP

It seems like the FRKWYS collaboration series has been steadily releasing a slew of quality releases. Since RVNG Intl. launched the series, 2 years ago this past September, it has steadily produced a stream of high profile remix & collaborative projects with the 12" single format in mind, something that the label is all too familiar with due to it's dance oriented approach (it's in the name). It's first release was featured three Excepter tracks remixed by the like of Chris & Cosey & J.G. Thirwell. FRKWYS has continued its winning streak thus with it's worst offerings being forgettable at worst, something that is actually quite a compliment considering the inconsistent nature which can result in such one-off collaborative projects.

As a result it's no surprise to see another seemingly legendary meeting than between Blues Control & Laraaji. The former being covered here in the past for the duo's other band Watersports here. When I saw Laraaji's name next on the release page I was pretty stoked. Some may recognize his name, heck some readers may be hardcore fans, as his place in the new age / ambient scenes have been fermented ever since his collaborative and solo projects that Brian Eno helped shed light upon in the early eighties. When combined with Blues Controls new-age, or should i say noise-age, to "rock band" mentality the prospective results have a somewhat high mark to strive towards.

From listening the first utterances of LP opener Awaken Day the album is off towards meeting the previously mentioned expectations. Beginning with a steady, deep, drum pulse ebbs towards an altered conscious state, with bits and pieces of saturated tape sounds stream in and out of the mix. All the while the subtle sound of the ocean's movements provide a bed for all of the sounds called upon to be cover by and left all to itself once all else has departed.

So yea... it's pretty much what should have come of the project. It's an updated take on a now long running tradition of altered forms of listening and thinking about musical meditations. My only complaint could not be more minor, as I'm not sure at this point how Russ Waterhouse & Lea Cho distinguish and label their performances as either Blues Control or Watersports. Considering all the new-age vibes surrounding WS this seems like the perfect opportunity for a collaboration under that moniker. Something very minor indeed because if it sounds good why wonder.

The Blues Control & Laraaji album is being released by RVNG Intl. this Nov. 15th on LP, Double Cassette, CD, or Digitally (or pretty much every single format you can possibly desire).