Monday, October 31, 2011

Pete Swanson - Man With Potential & show

Pete Swanson - Remote View from John Twells

Type records recently announced a new solo record by Pete Swanson (formerly of Portland's Yellow Swans). The track "Remote View" is an album cut from the upcoming Man With Potential. The song takes on a dance four-to-the-floor aesthetics as heard through a horror flick, somewhat perfect considering the day. Come to think of it maybe it's the perfect late night burner for the evening, adding a bit of creeping dread into your step. The video by William Sabiston matches this atmosphere perfectly by taking it to some ghostly rave, whose strobe light is slower than if it it had a codeine drink earlier in the night. Great stuff really.

On a side note Pete Swanson will be performing at the next Last Nights show this Nov. 20th, where he will be collaborating with Brian Sullivan, who some may know as 1/2 of Mouthus and his more recent solo venture as United Waters. Their performance in my eyes can be seen two different ways. The first being an extension of the recent Pete Swanson / Mouthus / Golden Retriever show at Issue Project Room not too long back. While the second being the organic outgrowth due to Swanson's recent geographical relocation, resulting in two like minded and high profile noise denizens to meet for some collaborative get togethers.

Anyway the night will also see performances by Earn, Mirror To Mirror, & Civilian Device. It will be held at Shea Stadium, but there will be more info for all this later on. So until then...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sun Foot - Soggy Moggy

It was a pleasant surprise for me to recently learn of this totally wacked out cassette from Sun Foot. The CS is titled Soggy Moggy, a totally fitting name in the end, and showcases some primo left coast weirdo business from Ron Burns, Brian Mumford, & artist Chris Johanson. I've known of Johanson and his visual art for some time now without knowing he was a musician of any kind. Hearing the sound contained on this release though I am somehow not surprised to hear that he is part of the action, and I believe the same can be said for at least a pocket of his fans also in the dark to his moonlighting activities.

Sun Foot establish a sound of warbled and rambling song structures, hints of exotica, and a first-take-best-take mentality. This all results in the chaotic and perhaps acid fried adventure that leaves you feeling strangely satisfied.

You can find a physical copy of the release and more from the delightfully obscure Musical Impressions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge - New Brooklyn Venue Space

Wow maybe we're a little late on this one, maybe just in the nick of time, but tonight Oct. 27th Big Snow Buffalo Lodge will be opening their doors to public for the first time. It's name aside (I'm told it's a Harry Nilson reference), the space has some exciting plans for the future.

Located on the edge of the Williamsburg/Bushwick neighborhoods at 89 Varet St. the space serves dual function of live music venue & recording studio, a multi-utility use that similar spaces have used such as Shea Stadium (not surprising as Big Snow is run by members of the Shea team). Combining DIY aesthetics with a voracious attitude towards booking performances the space already has some quality upcoming shows shows in the near future. This includes tonight's show that will feature performances by Pigeons, Lost Boy, The So So Glos, & Dustin Wong which showcases a nice batch of eclectic performances to kickstart the venue & weekend.

A full list of Big Snow Buffalo Lodge's future shows is listed at the spaces' tumblr here

Friday, October 14, 2011

MV & EE - April Flower Tour Boxset

MV & EE have announced the release of their newest boxset the April Flower Tour. For those not familiar with the duo's penchant for live tour anthologies (such as the No Floor Tour or Road Trips) this is an event that is usually immediately exciting or at the least a curious venture. This one is released in a more personal homegrown fashion, being released on the duo's imprint Heroine. To get all biases out in the open, two of the eight discs contained in this release were organized by Last Nights, though to these eyes that just makes the release all th sweeter.

Clip of MV / EE / Flower at Death by Audio disc 5 on April Flower Tour

The April Flower Tour box contains jams that see Matt & Erika joined by some rad folks during their time on the road. First and foremost the addition of Mick Flower (of UK underground legends Vibracathedral Orchestra and his own solo material) and transformation into a trio sees the group able to open up and improvise within the compositions. This form of improv is no small deed coming from these folks as each have spent their careers exploring such avenues. Some shows also see the contributions from Woods main man Jeremy Earl, underground's favorite avant-percussion darling Chris Corsano, and two usual suspects to the MV & EE scene Harmonica Dan & Willie Lane.

Clip of MV / EE / Flower at SUNY Purchase disc 4 on April Flower Tour

April Flower Tour is available now straight from the source from Matt & Erika's Heroine imprint now. Also be sure to check out the Last Nights hosted MV & EE show Monday November, 21st in Brooklyn, NY at Death By Audio with Images. It's sure to be one for "the tapers pit".

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jovontaes - Falcon

So I thought this post was going to be a way late, but as fate has had it Jovontaes saw their debut LP Things Are Different Here released yesterday. If the video for lead track "Falcon" (above) offers anything it's a nice glimpse into these dudes sun soaked world of the super laid back atmospheres and equally chilled jams. The press release and video (the dudes are pretty much cruising around town the whole time) make use of the group's skateboard culture ties and for good reason. I'm pretty sure this track would fit on (that is if it hasn't been already) any skate video. Mix together a propulsive kraut groove, a nicely rolled smoke, & some skate rats and you have Jovontaes. Try it it's pretty much as fun as it sounds.

Things Are Different Here was released yesterday via new(ish) Woodsist subsidiary Hello Sunshine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

No Neck Blues Band - YTIU

For those of us out there patiently awaiting the next No Neck Blues Band LP the wait is over. Judging by the excerpt the new LP, YTIU, sees the group working comfortably within their particular brand of improv-composition that has defined the group's sound since their inception. The track is propelled by a loose pulse surrounded by wandering guitar lines bubbling in and out, with the chatter of hand percussion & synth waves gently wash over everything.

The album is being released by Kelippah, whose proprietor Pat Murano is a NNCK member himself, along with being one-half of Keys of Shame alongside Mark Morgan (of Sightings), and solo material as Decimus.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hookworms - Hookworms

Found while perusing Sun Araw's recently launched Sun Ark label, Hookworms seem to be at once a part of the spectrum of the former artists work while expanding beyond the usual aesthetic boarders associated with him. The group's self titled cassette on Sun Ark features some all out space rock and at times some 70's style kraut-punk tracks, such as the stand out "Teen Dreams".

On Teen Dreams the group's geographical location seems to play a larger role in Hookworms music. The singer of this band comes close at times to sounding like classic English punk & post-punk bands like Wire, Gang of Four, & The Mekons, while riding a kraut inspired groove that keeps chugging. Who's to argue with results like that?

I would encourage folks to grab a tape of Hookworms but it looks like they're sold out at the source. Luckily it will see a repress onto vinyl courtesy of Faux Discx/Gringo Records in the near future, along with an all new 7" split with Kogumaza.

Monday, October 3, 2011

John Fahey - Box set reissue

The great reissue label Dust-To-Digital is getting set to release a massive 5 CD compilation of legendary solo guitarist John Fahey's earliest recordings. Fahey has been a darling of the underground and alternative music worlds for what may be a good 40 years at this point, but this is the first time his early work has ever been compiled and released on CD. Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You: The Fonotone Years (1958-1965) comes ten years after the musicians death and according to the press release "puts one of the final puzzle pieces of Fahey’s career in place. Everyone can now hear where this guitar legend got his start – a smoky basement in Frederick, Maryland."

The set comes packaged with a hardcover book which is also accordingly the first major text ever published on the man who is famed for formulating the American Primitive guitar style. The book includes essay's from Eddie Dean, Claudio Guerrierri, Glenn Jones, Malcolm Kirton, Mike Stewart and John’s childhood friend R. Anthony Lee. While beyond this it also features a poem about Fahey from noted critic and writer Byron Coley, along with a never before published 1967 interview between the musician and Douglas Blazek.

The set is a must have for fans of John Fahey & solo guitar work at large. Dust-To-Digital is releasing Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You on Oct. 11 2011.