Monday, October 31, 2011

Pete Swanson - Man With Potential & show

Pete Swanson - Remote View from John Twells

Type records recently announced a new solo record by Pete Swanson (formerly of Portland's Yellow Swans). The track "Remote View" is an album cut from the upcoming Man With Potential. The song takes on a dance four-to-the-floor aesthetics as heard through a horror flick, somewhat perfect considering the day. Come to think of it maybe it's the perfect late night burner for the evening, adding a bit of creeping dread into your step. The video by William Sabiston matches this atmosphere perfectly by taking it to some ghostly rave, whose strobe light is slower than if it it had a codeine drink earlier in the night. Great stuff really.

On a side note Pete Swanson will be performing at the next Last Nights show this Nov. 20th, where he will be collaborating with Brian Sullivan, who some may know as 1/2 of Mouthus and his more recent solo venture as United Waters. Their performance in my eyes can be seen two different ways. The first being an extension of the recent Pete Swanson / Mouthus / Golden Retriever show at Issue Project Room not too long back. While the second being the organic outgrowth due to Swanson's recent geographical relocation, resulting in two like minded and high profile noise denizens to meet for some collaborative get togethers.

Anyway the night will also see performances by Earn, Mirror To Mirror, & Civilian Device. It will be held at Shea Stadium, but there will be more info for all this later on. So until then...

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