Friday, October 28, 2011

Sun Foot - Soggy Moggy

It was a pleasant surprise for me to recently learn of this totally wacked out cassette from Sun Foot. The CS is titled Soggy Moggy, a totally fitting name in the end, and showcases some primo left coast weirdo business from Ron Burns, Brian Mumford, & artist Chris Johanson. I've known of Johanson and his visual art for some time now without knowing he was a musician of any kind. Hearing the sound contained on this release though I am somehow not surprised to hear that he is part of the action, and I believe the same can be said for at least a pocket of his fans also in the dark to his moonlighting activities.

Sun Foot establish a sound of warbled and rambling song structures, hints of exotica, and a first-take-best-take mentality. This all results in the chaotic and perhaps acid fried adventure that leaves you feeling strangely satisfied.

You can find a physical copy of the release and more from the delightfully obscure Musical Impressions.

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