Thursday, March 31, 2011

The great people over at Time-Lag have started a Kickstarter in order to fund a new batch of upcoming reissues. This includes albums by the outside folk of Virgil Caine, easy 70's A.M. vibe of Eddie Callahan, the scuzzy Drywater (whose prospective LP was originally produced in an edition of 25!), & 60's garage-psych gold The Bachs.

For those unfamiliar with the label Time-Lag has released music by many artists in the past including Woods, MV & EE with The Bummer Road, Six Organs of Admittance, & The Ponys to name just a few. The preview tracks in the video above assures that the new LP's they are looking to fund will follow with the same good taste as previous efforts.

Read their Kickstarter statement here & learn how to help get these nuggets into print.

Monday, March 28, 2011

We're a little late on this one but it seems that Gary War and Taylor Richardson (Infinity Window, Purple Haze) have teamed up to launch there own label Fixed Identity. The two plan on seeing the label play host to "next-level psychedelic achievements of the preesn, past and future." Something not far off from what each have been pursuing throughout their own careers thus far.

The freshly implemented label have two releases announced thus far. The first being the recent reissue of Martin Newell's wacked out psych pop burner "Songs For A Fallow" which saw release this past February. The LP brings a unique take on the whole self-recording style, while at the same time retaining a similar vibe to luminaries such as Gary War (makes sense), Ariel Pink, & Outer Limits Recordings to name a few.

Also after a little false start the label is getting set to release their 2nd title. The release will also be composed of archival recordings this time by way of The Prefab Messiahs & titled Peace, Love and Alienation. FI have also announced some cassettes from the likes of Amen Dunes, Gary War, & The Gamecock. Exciting times for left-field pop lovers.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wet Hair have announced a new full-length to be released by Chicago's De Stijl records. In Vogue Spirit sees the duo expanding their sound, as well as their line up. Now, with bass player in tow, the trio really hones into a similar territory Suicide took during the 80's.

"Echo Lady", the LP's single, is a propulsive tune that shares resemblance to quite a few kraut rock groups. The song structure has been streamlined towards a more general pop sensibility, while the fidelity the same. While the video seems to be set in some psychedelic desert paradise. The album will be released May 6th and might even good beer drinking music come summer now that I think of it.

Wet Hair will be on tour you can check him at the dates below.

While above you'll find a fantastic video by Michael Yonkers for the track "Cold Dance." There is no part of this video I do not love. It mixes a serious cold wave track that I wouldn't be surprised to be done by more contemporary acts such as S.S.P.S or anything happening over at Weird records. I'd also like to point out that I probably look a lot like this dancing to this track myself. So does that mean I'm biased towards liking this then?

MARCH 2011
MONDAY the 28th- Ypsilanti MI- House Show 317 S. Grove St. w/ Winter Ruby, Full Frontal, Daytime Television
TUESDAY the 29th- Toronto ON- The Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. w/ Simon Frank + the Deeep DJ Set.

APRIL 2011
FRIDAY the 1st- Montreal Quebec- Partly Excavated exhibition with Seripop at ARPRIM 372 Sainte- Catherine O. #426 (art opening to musical performance)
SATURDAY the 2nd- North Hampton MA- Feeding Tube Records 90 King St. w/ Sore Eros and Blanche Blanche Blanche
SUNDAY the 3rd- Brooklyn NY- Monster Island Basement 128 River St. (Williamsburg) w/ Silk Flowers, Dog Leather (Sewn Leather + DJ Dog Dick), Drip House, Coconuts
WEDNESDAY the 6th- Cleveland OH- the Happy Dog 5801 Detroit Ave. w/ The Twerps, Puffy Areolas
THURSDAY the 7th- Chicago IL- Crown Tap Room 2821 N. Milwaukee Ave. w/ The Twerps, Tyler Jon Tyler
FRIDAY the 8th- Minneapolis MN- the Medusa w/ The Twerps, Food Pyramid

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It is our sad misfortune to hear that Arthur Magazine will be closing their doors. For many, especially those of us here at Last Nights, Jay Babock & everyone involved in the magazine brought us a great gift that unfortunately could not be sustained.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peter's House Music is the solo guise of Peter Shuette of Silk Flowers. You may have noticed him as he is the unusually tall & slender tourist parading around NYC in the video above. Regardless the track The Mirror Has Two Faces is a dance floor hit that is culled from the Jump 12" released on All Hands Electric.

While we're on the subject of the dance floor the great people over at Friendship Bracelet had Silk Flowers create a mix for their site offering a nice snapshot of the groups influences an infatuations. You can check it out below.

Friendship Bracelet Friendship Club #11 - Silk Flowers by UUUTAPES

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Neck Blues Band will be performing at The Stone in NYC this coming Saturday, March 12. The group has last been seen releasing At 6am, We Become the Police on Locust. The recordings make up the soundtrack to a film of the same name that of course stars NNCK and was directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer. The soundtrack and film claim to document the group during a "transitional period."

The Stone has been hosting many great excellent concerts this month, which see White Out (Lin Culbertson & Tom Surgal). So far this March Tom Carter, Magik Markers, Six Organs of Admittance, & Chris Corsano have already performed. While later this month sees NNCK along with David Linton, Metal Mountains, Nymph, to name a few & of course White Out peforming twice each with Thurston Moore & Nels Cline respectively.

Great time to visit The Stone.

Monday, March 7, 2011

For those interested Ben Vida will be at Issue Project Room Thursday March, 16th performing his composition Piece for Difference Tones (interrupted) & (computer controlled) Analog Sound Objects, and for those who are not you should be. Vida has been an established figure in the music world for some time in Town & Country & his more recent Bird Show, while he is also a frequent collaborator, as some may remember his work with Soft Circle, who happened to play our awesome Silk Flowers Record Release Party.

The concert is on behalf of Issue Project's Emerging Artists Commissions, which as you may have guessed Vida is the fortunate recipient of. The press release for the event states that:

the new work focuses on the intersections between analog and digital sound synthesis systems. These systems produce what Vida calls "non-representational sound objects," which are generated in the inner ear rather than from an outside source. It is in these moments, when the inner ear-activating difference tones are punctured by analog exclamations, that a deeper spatialization is revealed and the listener's aural perception is expanded

01 First Time by Soft Circle

Issue Project Room
Thursday March, 17th 8pm
Emerging Artists Commission: Ben Vida - Piece for Difference Tones (interrupted) & (computer controlled) Analog Sound Objects (interupted)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Jefferson High

Data Dog
Video's Courtesy of Maks Suski

The other week, on Friday February 25, Silent Barn hosted a two floor birthday extravaganza for up & coming group, & LSTN compatriots, Data Dog. The show also saw seven other bands take the stage, including Spanish Underwater, Images, Polygon, Second Floor Stories, lost boy?, Jefferson High, & Quiet Loundly.

Party Lab has been great enough to provide audio from each set on their site. You can find their posting of it here, and while you're there you can check out tons of other great recordings too.

Hype Williams have been taking over the stereo over here at LSTN since their debut LP Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin Reel (released by the consistently satisfying De Stijl). I hope that those unaware of the duo get a sense of the humor and post-modern wanderings that make up the sound taken here. Inga Copeland & Roy Blunt combine lo-fi sensibilities with a mixture of laid back grooves with a dash of nostalgia.

The two also have an equally fascinating video output that matches their recordings. These videos, besides making great creative strides with slow motion, are usually scored by Hype Williams themselves. Though some you'll find to be down right strange for no reason other than a possible critical look into pop culture. Then again by the looks of the video below I might need to take that back.

Stand out track The Throning, from the LP Find Out What Happens, may combine some of the catchiest moments of the band. There's more than a sweet hint of electro New Age smoothness provided here to hold you over until their next release.

hype williams - the throning by dennafrances

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gang Gang Dance have announced their newest full-length Eye Contact to be released May 9th. The LP is the follow up to the group's breakout success Saint Dymphna. It comes after a label switch from The Social Registry to 4AD. Luckily the move sees them continuing with their cinematic vision of what contemporary dance music should always strive for.

The group has seen a radical shift over its years. Those who have been following GGD have seen them evolve from art school no wavers towards the sleek global trotting outfit they are today. According to 4AD their new album Eye Contact was again produced by Chris Coady, who also helped helm the bands previous efforts Saint Dymphna & RAWWAR. Some may also know Coady from his work with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, & Zola Jesus. Apparently the album also "features a guest appearance from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, whose signature vocals take centre stage on the track ‘Romance Layers’." To top things off there will also be a limited x2 A sided 12" to be released shortly before the alum proper.

In the meantime time you can also purchase Saint Dymphna or other previous GGD releases over at The Social Registry, and for those of you in Europe check out the live dates below.

European Tour
9th Apr - Dazed Live @ Village Underground, London
11th May - Ruby Lounge, Manchester
12th May - Pavillion Theatre @ Great Escape, Brighton
13-15th May - ATP Festival, Minehead
16th May - XOYO, London
17th May - Point Ephemere, Paris
18th May - Rotunde @ Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels
19th May - Melkweg, Amsterdam
21st May - HAU, Berlin
23rd May - Vega, Copenhagen
25th May - Stall 6, Zurich
26th May - Magnolia, Milan
28th May - Primavera, Barcelona