Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hookworms - Hookworms

Found while perusing Sun Araw's recently launched Sun Ark label, Hookworms seem to be at once a part of the spectrum of the former artists work while expanding beyond the usual aesthetic boarders associated with him. The group's self titled cassette on Sun Ark features some all out space rock and at times some 70's style kraut-punk tracks, such as the stand out "Teen Dreams".

On Teen Dreams the group's geographical location seems to play a larger role in Hookworms music. The singer of this band comes close at times to sounding like classic English punk & post-punk bands like Wire, Gang of Four, & The Mekons, while riding a kraut inspired groove that keeps chugging. Who's to argue with results like that?

I would encourage folks to grab a tape of Hookworms but it looks like they're sold out at the source. Luckily it will see a repress onto vinyl courtesy of Faux Discx/Gringo Records in the near future, along with an all new 7" split with Kogumaza.

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