Monday, April 4, 2011

Last Nights Presents:

Friday April, 8th
$7 :: 8pm
Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd Street)


After kicking off the last Nights blog & organizing Silk Flowers record release party this past February (That long ago already!), I was thinking of who to ask for the next show. As luck would have it one of Last Nights favorites MV & EE were going on tour in the spring, that is it begins today Monday 4/4/11!

Throughout their career MV & EE have released countless albums through the likes of Ecstatic Peace, Time-Lag, not even to mention their own label(s) Child Of Microtones & Heroine Celestial Agriculture. All the while brewing the most own unique take folk & psych-rock out there. They'll be touring around their new LP coming out on Three Lobed/Blatant Obviousness this May. The appropriately titled, Country Stash sees the duo in full band action accompanied by a great cast that includes Mick Flower, Jeremy Earl (of Woods), among others. The album finds them in familiar territory once again, yet this time a little more fermentation has resulted in a great batch of tunes begging to be heard.

They'll be accompanied by Mick Flower on this tour which they've dubbed the April Flower Tour. Mick Flower, who hails from the UK, is a fantastic musician whose work deserves some mentioning in its own right. Readers may be familiar with his work in Vibracathedral Orchestra, or his own solo material as Michael Flower, to name just a few of the projects he's been involved with.

Spectre Folk also graciously agreed to play making this one a dual headliner of sorts. The group, Pete Nolan's (of Magik Markers) solo project, have just released The Blackest Medicine Vol. II on Jeremy Earl's Woodsist records. With a full band in tow (that includes members of Sonic Youth & Tall Firs) Nolan's tunes are more upbeat & melodic than ever. There is definitely a classic country-psych vibe to the while ordeal. I saw them at their 1st record release show the other day & can attest to the live prowess of this group right now. I think that make this show Spectre Folk's Record Release Vol. II. Can't wait

Images will also be playing this evening. The NY duo have been busy recently releasing an ep "The 60's Sound" through Last Nights & have been announced to play the Creepy Teepee Festival at the GASK Museum of Fine Arts, in the Czech Republic (along with Liars, R. Stevie Moore, & Xiu Xiu to name a few). People tend to say stuff like psych-drone & mention something about tribal drumming & layered guitar noise. But really there are some golden pop moments, which will be showcased on their next release due out this fall.

While finally Jefferson High will rounding out the evening. A three piece group that have a driving rock approach wrapped inside some retro doo-wop sheen. The group have recently released an album through their American Buffalo Recordings.

Hopefully we'll be seeing you!

-Last Nights

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