Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Over the course of three days NUMINA lente will be presenting some fantastic performances by the likes Charlemagne Palestine + Tony Conrad, Bill Orcutt, Andrew Lambert with Flower-Corsano Duo, & Hype Williams. The event was organized by the Clemente Soto VĂ©lez Cultural Center, though the Howlinghex.com had this to say about the festival

NUMINA lente is a three-day music + performance festival which aims to explore the speed of perception + the experience of other. Assembling an international array of artists operating outside conventionally accepted or defined genres, these shows will offer New York audiences a unique opportunity to glimpse into unseen worlds.

The series presents a mix of groundbreaking artists, both obscure & established. The highlight show for us here is the friday show featuring longtime collaborators Charlamagne Palestine & Tony Conrad in together again. Some may remember the duo most recent release Aural Symbiotic Mystery, released on Sub Rosa in 2006, which paired Palestine's sweeping piano patterns with Conrad's steady violin playing. The night will also see Bill Orcutt hit the stage, which is a real treat as his recent solo work has left a lot of people scratching their heads at its beauty. I wish I knew about his one sooner as it's sounds great.

Both 3 night passes & single night tickets are still available from the website & of course at the door. Also there's a facebook page for the shows, if you do that sort of thing

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