Monday, November 7, 2011

Chrome Wings - New Lands LP

While perusing the web the other evening I stumbled upon these dudes who go by Chrome Wings. It turns out it's a duo who hail from Portland, OR and have been kicking about the ambient/pop scene for a little bit now. As luck would have it as well they had just posted a video for "Motionless" from their newest full-length New Lands.

The track & accompanying video is indicative of what you'll find on the album, albeit in a bite sized portion. A slow burner for sure whose reference points being first generation ambient composer John Hassell. For all the great warm and fuzzy vibes Chrome Wings show here they're equally able to offer something slightly more upbeat take, positioned to the realm of pop music's general framework. Tracks such as New Lands or Stay High in particular prove that the group has some wider ideas to offer and groove to other than mere hazy ambience.

New Lands has been released by AMDISCS and is available now as a digital download and LP.

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