Monday, May 7, 2012

Dolores Boys - S/T Cassette | Album Feature

There is something in the air, in the water even, these days (that is the past couple of years) that has created a new breed of punk. People have been talking about it. Spoke of it. Mentioned it maybe. I know you've heard something about, or at least overheard something about it. Dolores Boys fit within this conversation. They are noisy, use electronics, & are definitely verge on the weirder / more experimental end of things.

The group have a gasps of industrial currents running through their sound with I would venture to say bits of metal. The rolling thud of drums continuously working to guide sheets of dark metal sludge is a common theme. But it is the when Dolores Boys take it easy a bit & loosen up on tracks such as "Jesus Gave Up on Blues Singers" that a more diverse & organic sound emerges hinting at thing to come. In fact it is this break that allows for the group to begin exploring new territory such as the cheekily titled "Lead Singer in a Cover Band." By allowing silence & subtlety (or an attempt towards it at any rate) into their work a dynamic treat is created.  One fitting of these new times.

Dolores Boys self-titled CS is available now via Psychic Mule.

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