Thursday, May 31, 2012

Highlife - Valley's Lap | Track Feature

Taking a break to allow the understated turning of time drag on offering a moment of solitude can be a hard thing to find. "Valley's Lap" finds Doug Shaw deep within his most serene aura-laced compositions under the Highlife moniker yet. The track really picking up, or slowing down depending on how you want to get into it all, after the Gang Gang Dance inflected (Shaw is a live member of the group) introduction that combines a visceral droning pulse and some warped voice echoing "I've been in this town so long, so long to the city." A possible ode to Shaw's current home residence in  New York as the the heat and humidity are starting to seep in.

After we get past this rather cold meet and greet at the beginning Highlife kicks into motion with what he does best and lets his beautiful voice soar over a repetitive shimmering drone of a sample. A strange narrative built upon loose metaphors as the subtle feeling of ennui threatens to overtake the listener, or this listener. A deep and meditative listen into the "Valley's Lap".

You can check out Highlife's "Valley's Lap" at his soundcloud and check out his most previous release Best Bless available via The Social Registry.

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