Friday, May 4, 2012

Jaws - Sufferer's Song | Video Feature

JAWS combines dark beats that sound uniquely fresh while being informed by the past. While this kind of thing has been floating around as of late few are as rare and honest as what Robert Girardin is attempting.  As such is not surprising to find he was once a member of avant-electro group Excepter. Fans of Excepter will find a lot to love here. While JAWS shares many traits in common with his former compatriots he weaves a somewhat tighter lysergic web around all the brooding synths.

Girardin occupies one surreal mindset in the video for "Sufferer's Song". It is full of slowed down dance moves ala Excepter & scenes from the next drug induced dystopian rave for one near you. But all of this is pretty perfect for the music of JAWS. Playful minimal synth lines bounce back & forth while some serious bass frequencies work out your eardrums. Pretty great stuff really.

Jaws' Stress Test is available now via Hundebiss Records.

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