Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Creation Myth - Savor | Track Feature

Creation Myth come at the listener with the force one has after a long night out and returning home in the cold chill of morning air, potentially still a little restless. The soundtracks for the someone's sobering come down. The trio's track "Savor" rests itself upon some airy melodic clouds reflecting down upon the listener. The vocals are barely there both literally and metaphorically as they flirt in and out, offering few moments of clarity reinforcing the gentle drone and guitar patterns.

The group's entire collection of demos straddle this same line. At times they feel like the underscore of a scene from a David Lynch film.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but it doesn't make for the most versatile listen, with few peaks to bring any sudden shifts of tension. Maybe though it was indeed meant for those early morning treks. Perhaps I'll  find out one of these days.

Creation Myth's "Savor" is available now direct from the band.

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