Wednesday, May 2, 2012

David Kilgour - "You Forget" | Track Feature

As an integral member of a influential & acclaimed group it's hard to start a solo career & make a clear break from what people associate you with. Let alone if the larger group is continuing in a parallel trajectory aesthetically & chronologically. It is as if I cannot cannot separate the individual from their place in an established puzzle. In this sense David Kilgour's music can be understood as a continuation of his work with The Clean.

The lead track "You Forget" maintains the jangle guitar, simple yet striking upbeat melodies, & nearly solemn lyrics. Many key elements familiar with The Clean are missing though as Kilgour begins to establish & corner his own contributions to the group.  The sunshine pop melodies which now conjure nostalgic whiffs of a time passed. "Well you tell me some of your secrets / but can't land me something that solid / You tell stories of hurting / but never call me when you're flying" not exactly full of cheerful words. Yet it does not sting upon delivery as a near humiliating moment of self-pity as the emotions are let loose & possibly forgiven.

This is a good thing so you can go out & enjoy the beautiful warm weather, or in Kilgour's case as evidence in the video below which was made upon the original release of Here Come The Cars.

David Kilgour's Here Come The Cars will be available on LP May 22nd via De Stijl Records.

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