Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wet Hair - Camouflage | Video Feature

It's about that time of year for a new Wet Hair album and low and behold the gods have shown down upon us.  Spill Into Atmosphere sees the group on their 4th album and generally keeping at what they do best. The core duo of Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes are joined by the addition of Justin Tye on bass. Tye manages to add just the right amount of melodic low end to keep things moving and embellish the simple keyboard hooks and krautrock chug of Garbes drums.

Lineup changes and the like aside drastic stylistic shifts is not what Wet Hair are about. Over the course of their multiple full length albums, cassettes, and splits the group have been subtlety shifting towards an increasingly more refined state of new ware pop goodness. They still use the same basic ingredients but somehow each album manages to retain something unique to each, little markers that identify their overall sound and how the newest can differ from the last.The video for "Camouflage" leaves the song title at arms length exploring the natural world of ocean and plant life in a neon overlay glow. Something that leaves the viewer in the right mode to soak in the tune.

Wet Hair's is available now via De Stijl Records.

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