Thursday, June 14, 2012

ILLLS - "Goods" | Track Feature

Sometimes things just fall into place, into a groove if you will. Hitting the kind of spot only a slushy can touch. Something to cool you down in the increasingly hot weather and provide a sweet sugar rush. Oxford, Mississippi duo ILLLS pretty much do just that in a proverbial sense. "Teeth"taken from their debut EP Dark Paradise is a hook laden track that seems to just keep getting better.  Just with all sugar coded gems some dental work down the road some accompanying dental work will be needed.

The video sees the duo wondering around jamming and making some disgusting entree. A little off putting considering the general upbeat and pop-oriented of the tune, I guess the hints of psychedelic weirdness permeated throughout have landed thfese guys somewhere else. In between there gross recipe we see the group in some dramatic setting hinting at the anthemic nature & strength of their music.

ILLLS Dark Paradise EP is available now via The Sound of Sweet Nothing.

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