Monday, June 25, 2012

Ghost Wave - Sunsetter | Track Feature

This is some classic fuzzed out pop right here, the kind that New Zealand and Australia seem to have a patent on. There are some usual suspects that come to mind when it comes to upbeat sunshine jangle op from below the equator, but we won't get into that right now because it is a hairy subject and we don't need to tangle up the situation here. 

The group's "Sunsetter" combines just the right amount of jangle and pop finesse to allow everything around you to breeze on by. It's like seeing the world through some paisley sunglasses for a minute or too. Maybe kick back a little on the way somewhere. Does that make sense? So it goes I always say. Ghost Wave meet their peers at eye level while providing their own spin on a contemporary "classic" sound.

Ghost Wave's "Sunsetter" is available now for free via the group's bandcamp.

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