Monday, June 4, 2012

100 Albums - "White" EP | Album Review

100 Albums seems to have an underlying thematic intention here of taking on traditions. Throughout the "White" EP aspects of old time singer-songwriter craft, blues structures, and some other odds and ends of Americana seem to infiltrate and guide how the music unfolds. When the the distant and woozy track "Cleo" hits it all starts to make sense, I'm telling you.

It's not that this one track that reaches such nostalgic heights, it just says it much quicker. The unfortunately named "Two Coons" and "Red Rays Aim" have the sort of vibe I don't think leaves this continent very much. It could also be tru that 100 Albums self-titled EP is a little aimless like some half baked metaphors to open roads and vast landscape that always seem to be floating around. And just like that landscape it should be taken as it comes as it;s not that long of a ride at about 20 minuted long.

100 Albums "White" EP is available now via Psychic Mule.

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