Thursday, June 28, 2012

Koudede - Alam-in | Track Feature

It is occasionally so that at times of great political struggle and cultural upheavals throughout history some of the most enduring works of art spring to life. For Koudede and the Tuareg people, maybe it is not seen in this manner. I must admit there is something lost in translation here, or lack there of rather. Much has been made of how modern times have all but isolated and marginalized the nomadic way of life that the Tuareg are traditionally known for.  As a result the blues infused track "Alam-in" comes off  to the uninitiated listener a somber yet uplifting energy from the music. Whether through the group harmonies, swinging upbeat tempos, and guitar sinews weaving a melodic swirl around the listener.

Koudede is not content to stick with a traditional acoustic. While working in the full band setting he is able to let the guitars buzz around the rhythm section, including full drum kit, in all directions. The 7" is the newest entry in the now legendary Guitars From Agadez series which brought to many people's attention other bands from the region such as Group Inerane & Group Doueh. Though the culture and people behind this music are experiencing some of the greatest upheavals and struggles in their entire history as the unacknowledged nation state of Azawad faces an extremely uncertain future. What this will mean for the Tuareg people and their tremendously moving song forms is another questions entirely.

Koudede's  is available as a limited 7" now via Sublime Frequencies

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