Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yek Koo / LA Lakers / Purple Pilgrims - Tour US | Artist Feature

I was recently hipped to this US tour of yek koo, LA Lakers, & Purple Pilgrims that for those of you who can sit still for a couple minutes will totally fall for, it doesn't hurt if you dig the sound of air conditioners as well though. If you haven't heard of these groups before I'm sure it's no fault of yours either as even the completely thorough & inexhaustible internet barely brings me any info on any of them.

Regardless what I do know is that yek koo (lower cases are important here) hangs with some of the best of them when it comes to some serious overdriven drone-related underground goop, or now that I think about I'm not wholly satisfied with that word goop as this tuff is way to put together than that implies. It is also the project of Helga Fassonaki, also of Metal Rouge & who outside of the sonic underground works as a visual artist.

Purple Pilgrims blend of subdued ambience & altogether foggy sonics really sits just right. Created by a sister duo currently based out of New Zealand / Hong Kong the short video leaves me wanting more. They have recently released an 8" lathe on Pseudo Arcana.

Both groups are on tour now with LA Lakers, another NZ native, who helps solidify the countries experimental exports. The tour is currently in progress & you can check the remaining dates below. Those on the east coast won't have to wait long as the tour will pick up where it left off May 2nd

Remaining Dates

3/27 - Davis, CA @ The Villanova House
3/28 -  Portland, OR @ Little Axe Records w/ Polyps
3/29 - Olympia, WA @ Olyphant w/ Brother Raven, Skrill Meadow
3/30 - Arcata, CA @ Mex N Wow w/ Ensemble Economique
4/2 - Los Angeles, CA @ Dems Passwords w/ Peter Kolovos
5/2 - Brooklyn, NY @ Zebulon w/ Zaimph
5/5 - Boston, MA @ White Haus
5/6 - Northampton, MA @ Media Mansion w/ Bill Nace
5/7 - Albany, NY @ Helderberg House w/ Burnt Hills

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