Friday, March 23, 2012

No Neck Blues Band - CINo 51 | Album Feature

No Neck Blues Band return with another new album, CINo 51, & are pretty much doing what they do best. The release follows on the heals of  the success of their previous album YTIU, also released by member Pat Murano's Kelippah Records.  I have to say that their music as of late of seem to veer away from the more acoustic friendly, almost hippie jams they once cranked out. Maybe time has taken it's toll during their 20 year journey. It kind of sounds like they'd rather be at home watching some totally bonkers euro-art house film, or at least creating the soundtrack.

The first excerpt leans towards a sound that Murano himself has been mining as of late with his own project Decimus. A heavy emphasis on keys & a more general horror score vibe.  The second excerpt from CINo 51 really livens things up. It showcases an immediate stone(d) age rock vibe, albeit one free of restrictions & let loose to discover it's own path in this world. Then again I suppose that's what NNCK do best.

No Neck Blues Band's CIN0 51 is available now via Kelippah Records.

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