Monday, March 26, 2012

Lower Dens - "Propagation" | Track Feature

The line musical groups walk between maturation and stagnation is indeed a thin one; many fans beg of them to keep churning out the same beloved product over and over again, while others expect a natural progression in aesthetics with each new release. Somehow, Baltimore hometown heroes Lower Dens have managed to straddle this line with ease; their sound drifting in a natural direction while not straying too far from the elements which made 2010's Twin-Hand Movement one of the most enjoyable records of that year.

Having already released the excellent motorik epic “Brains,” Ribbon Music has decided to treat us to a second taste from their upcoming album Nootropics; “Propagation.” Dreamy, chorus laden guitars float over an air-tight rhythm section with Jana Hunter's trademark vocal smoke front and center. The track is a return to form for the band, echoing some of the best aesthetic elements from their previous work yet demonstrating true musical progression. Check it out above. Sometimes, the middle feels just right.

Nootropics is out May 1st via Domino affiliates Ribbon Music.

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