Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicago Underground Duo - Age of Energy | Album Feature

Taking some serious cues from the worlds of free jazz, world, & ambient musics Chicago Underground Duo are a rare bread of of musician these days. In fact it is their musicianship itself that stands out the most, or sets them apart from a many musicians/composers working with non-traditional & often times electronic methods & tools. This is not to say that Chad Tayler & Rob Mazurek stick to any strict concept of jazz as they incorporate electronic elements & synthesis throughout with a deft touch.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing these guys in the live setting where they come at the listener with the same engaging improv I've witnessed in a while. Chad Taylor in particular seemed to have more wiggle room on his drum kit in the live setting & providing some highly intricate rhythms that left me consistently wondering where he will go next. A friend who I met up with at the show said it was the most enjoyable jazz performance he'd seen in five years. It's hard to argue even as bold a statement as that while watching these two musicians play together, they must formed a symbiotic relationship over the years.

Chicago Underground Duo's Age of Energy is available now via Northern Spy Records.

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