Monday, March 19, 2012

Nymph - U.F.O. Over Dome Rock | Track Feature

Nymph dropped this track on the world back in January but as the weather warms I'm guessing it may become more relevant than ever. Those that know the group or have seen them in the live setting where their membership reaches seven members or more will understand the avalanche of propulsive music. The group's fusion of world-new age inspirations bridges a terrific gap that can easily go awry.

Ascending to some heady peaks, Nymph bring the listener along their journey towards spiritual awakening within the deep grooves of "U.F.O Over Dome Rock". Bits & pieces of ethno-forgery squirm throughout the mix. The most prevalent to my ears is the introduction of the Saharan guitar sounds of Tinariwen, Group Doueh, & Group Inerane to name but a few of the groups from the region.

Nymph's "U.F.O. Over Dome Rock" is available now directly from the group's bandcamp.

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