Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pete Swanson - Streaming Man With Potential

A little bit back I posted a video for Pete Swanson's track "Remote View" taken from newest album Man With Potential. Since then the album has been released by Type records who are also streaming it in it's entirety. The release comes after a steady stream of Swanson's solo work in the last two years as he has put out two albums on Thee Lobed and Root Strata respectfully, along with a good handful of quietly self-released recordings.

The stream of Man With Potential provides a glimpse into the new almost techno-oriented direction Swanson's work has taken. The results are not one oriented towards getting people onto the dance floor. As the press release states "This is Birmingham techno filtered through the mists of the Pacific Northwest, and is all the better for it. Elsewhere ‘Remote View’ explores a more downtempo sound; coming across like post apocalyptic house music as heard from a club bathroom." Such a description and sound places the music firmly within the realm of what Sonic Boom's Experimental Audio Research was after on The Kรถner Experiment album.

Man With Potential is out now on Type records.

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