Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tashi Wada - "Duet"

Tashi Wada "Duet" by destijlrecs

Tashi Wada and his newest composition "Duet" exist at once as homage and a refinement of Minimalist music composition of the past. As the name implies this is indeed a duet between two violin's in their unison, and almost monumental, descent in pitch. At any moment giving way to slight drones of intonation and interacting harmonics, always returning and continuing with their downward trajectory.

Today contemporary indie and experimental musics have almost consumed the avant garde moves & form of minimalist composition. As electronic artists have come to commonly sight composers such as Terry Riley, La Monte Young, or Steve Reich as often as less academic and institutional musicians such as Kraftwerk, Cluster, or Brian Eno. I don't think very many people can say this isn't a great thing though, as the emergence of a younger and enthusiastic audience has taken on the task of rediscovering and reissuing some fantastic composers and musical works.

To make an exact reference point Tony Conrad's Fantastic Glissando matches similar aesthetic and conceptual moves. This may be an easy comparison due to both pieces utilizing the distinct sound of the violin, but beyond mere instrumentation each hold at their core slowly gliding pitch's and perceptional experiments. But unlike Conrad's abrasive pre-noise take Wada brings a more accessible and dare I say engaging take to such concepts.

Tashi Wada's "Duet" will be available via De Stijl records.

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