Friday, December 9, 2011

Chelsea Wolfe - "Sunstorm" video

If I may forego all the usual trappings seemingly embedded into conversations pertaining to Chelsea Wolfe... At least that the sentence I anticipated starting with and then I realized I couldn't. Wolfe's persona is built upon combined elements of the gothic, greek, and occult imagery and vibe. I want to liken it to Nico once she got over being a pop star and became addicted to heroin. That is a totally update to date version who to my knowledge is NOT a drug addict which is generally great news.

The song "Sunstorm" maintains stark elegance, which is perfectly matched in this Sean Stout directed the video. Even some of the song's most far reaching moments, such some questionable lyric choices & dance moves, come off as forgettable & endearing. It's that much more then that the "Sunstorm" & Wolfe are able to withstand under such intense emotional, while still retaining a catchy enjoyable song. Despair has rarely sounded so good.

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