Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - "Vanity Fair"

Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - "Vanity Fair" by Recital

Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan are two busy men in the post-noise underground right these days. Sullivan's project Earn was recently discussed on this site and while he was on tour from Los Angeles made a stop in Brooklyn to play at a Last Nights show blowing myself and I believe the rest of the audience away with slowly unfolding compositions filled to the brim with white-noise and meditative structures. While Sean McCann has been at it on the west coast for a while now and has been slowly building a reputation as meticulous composer working in a world filled with many unmemorable improv bands trying to make a name for themselves.

It's not surprising to see these two west coast drone heavy weights coming together for a collaboration. Sullivan has released McCann's music via his Ekhein imprint more than once over the years and the two seem to have a natural affinity for similar sonic aesthetics. The track "Vanity Fair" taken from their upcoming album on McCann's Recital label incorporates varied elements found in each's work while also extending beyond the reach of either individuals solo work.

The Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan LP will be released via McCann's new imprint Recital

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