Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zaïmph - Imagine Yourself Here | Album Feature

Marcia Bassett has worn many hats over the years, contributing to a large number of seminal underground groups whose names seems to pop up everywhere. These groups range from the classic Siltbreeze group Un, Double Leopards, GHQ, & Hototogisu to name a few. Yet it is under her solo moniker Zaïmph that it seems like Bassett gets into the thick of it. This may be an obvious statement though as every single other project previously mentioned have been group efforts, when left alone to examine the exact precipice of where one will take their own work is a wholly different matter.  

The sounds and movements that reveal themselves throughout Imagine Yourself Here feel thoughtful in their approach. It would be somewhat of an injustice to tag Bassett's work as drone, especially in these current times where that word has become something of an accessary. The weight of genre looms large but there is something altogether more serious and personal in what results in this work an understanding that slowly comes to light in the unhurried recesses of time. 

Zaïmph's Imagine Yourself Here is available now via Bassett's own Yew Records.

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