Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colour Bük - Dethkill | Album Feature

The gruesome twosome are back with some more totally left-field out of this world, scene-less onslaught that continues to lay their claim as being one of the most perverse bands operating on the east coast. It's not like they even mean to be this way. It's only nature. True outsiders living in an insiders posing as outsiders kind of world. Colour Bük bring to light a whole new side of their reality with Dethkill, a concept album for the modern age of noise-punk-underground.

I've personally been championing these guys for years and I still don't even know where they're coming from. The band recently toured the west coast with similar genre freaks Smegma, something which is some sort of testament. "Bastard Earth" may be the catchiest track they have recorded yet, to say nothing of the new found clarity in production and intent.

"Wake up you're getting fucked / you're just a machine / you don't even cry / the world's on a string /  and it's a bastard earth / a bastard earth / a bastard earth/ a bastard earth / a bastard earth" these are men of many words. The rest of Dethkill follows this path so if any of the aforementioned appeals to you I would begin listening now.

Colour Bük's Dethkill is available now straight from the duo & their imprint Wir Wollen Wulle.

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