Friday, August 10, 2012

Test House - Love is Not Enough | Video Feature

To quote the late great Sonny Bono "and the beat goes on."  The same can be said for Peter Schuette and James Elliot who find themselves under the moniker Test House. The duo find themselves working within a familiar territory that each have explored in previous projects (Schuette in Silk Flowers, Peter's House Music, & for a time Psychobuildings, while Elliot has been involved with Bear in Heaven & School of Seven Bells) some sleek and retro electronic dance music.

A quirkiness and humor permeates throughout "Love Is Not Enough" something that the video renders loud and clear. It is not even a bad thing. People take themselves all too seriously sometimes,  which results in an overall blandness in the scheme of things. Here Test House sound like a self-conscious and relatively lo-fi New Order. Peter Schuette and James Elliot don't even sound pretentious in the process.

Test House's Bite Marks is available now via All Hands Electric.

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