Monday, August 6, 2012

Golden Retriever - Canopy | Video Feature

As a new rover lands on Mars and mankind continues our inexhaustible search a new video also drops for Golden Retriever. It's not that the duo of Jonathan Sielaff & Matt Carlson are constant space explorers (in a literal or figurative sense) but similarities remain. Sielaff and Carlson's compositional techniques revolve heavily around their use of technology with traditional instrumentation, as evidence in their primary instruments being the modular synth and bass clarinet. It is as if one is needed to expand the knowledge of the other and allow for a more fruitful and relationship of coexistence.

For all of the spaced out nature of Golden Retriever's work it can perhaps be said that even down to their name the duo are truly interested in and capable of exploring the depths of the human condition. The video for "Canopy" itself can be read as a directed effort towards living in this world we can Earth.  Filmmaker Jeff Guay presents a beautifully rendered environment full of organic life in the Columbia Gorge located in the northwestern United States.  It's subtle narrative follows a lone individual making his way down and through this forest environment down to the river's clear and dark water. 

This is not to say it's a straight shot as the camera rests for long moments to gaze into the rhythms of the natural world.  Guay matches the evolving complexities of Golden Retriever's music and provides instants of meditative relaxation, or depending on the viewers state of being I could saying realization, clarity even. It is as if Sielaff and Carlson have come full circle and with the help of Guay are offering up a means of coexistence, one both stunning in it's subtlety and moving in it's simplicity. 

Golden Retriever's album Occupied with the Unspoken is available now via Thrill Jockey

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