Monday, January 16, 2012

Street Gnar - "East Quiver" video

I'm digging this music by Street Gnar, a nice blend of a half-baked Kraut-rock groove & classic psychedelia. Case Mahan (aka Street Gnar) has been releasing stuff on great labels like Night People & Eggy Records for a little bit now but I'm only getting my first taste with "East Quiver."

Using some familiar tools (samples, guitars, drums) to create some heady daydream music. The video itself seemingly captures this spaced quality by using sped up footage taken from moving subways trains, bikes, skateboards, swings and other such events which allow for such shifted perspectives of time. At only two and a half minutes the song too seems to defy time, making me wish it was twice as long.

Street Gnar's Poking The World With A Stick is available now via Night People & for free on his bandcamp.

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