Monday, January 30, 2012

Porter Ricks - Biokinetics

Porter Ricks - Biokinetics by _type

It's kinda hard to imagine calling albums from the mid-late 90's as classic but that's exactly the kind of praise Porter Ricks debut full-length opus calls for. Essentially defining the sound of a whole new breed of era in techno & dance music whose influence continues to this day. A compositional form that is minimalist by nature, aquatic by design, & versatile enough to be found in a club or bedroom setting simultaneously.

In retrospect it is also easy to view this album as a precursor to a lot of dubstep in it's use of dub-like techniques and sonic qualities. The deep bass sound while not wobbling to and fro is still a deep & moving force. With this release Type records is continuing their reputation as a forward thinking avant label even while digging a little into the past only to reveal a landmark release for contemporary music.

Porter Ricks' Biokinetics is available now via Type records.

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