Friday, January 6, 2012

Ocrilim - Groundrest

Groundrest is Mick Barr's (aka Ocrilim or Octis) latest entry into his ever growing catalogue. Recorded between 2007-2010 the album sees the musician trading in the long form thematic compositional structures for shorter aesthetically isolated miniatures. The arc of conjured emotions and concepts located here are as diverse as Barr has provided on a single release to date. It is perhaps this reason that the album is explained as being "not necessarily Ocrilim, or Octis, or Or:12r3."

His (seemingly) mathematically precise guitar shred is of course present, while other tracks showcase some unlikely synth sheen, sporatic drum machine workouts, & exotic come minimalism along with Barr's own unique style of metal/classical. While not each track throws each of these disparate approaches into the mix each feels comfortably at home next to each other in Barr's hands.

Groundrest is available now via Mick Barr's bandcamp.

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