Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mind Alien - From Roswell with Love

The first couple copies of Mind Alien's From Rosewell With Love came with a bag of Doritos. Not that I think anyone is trying to promote the brand (& the larger corporation they are a wing of), or anything here, in all honesty the dude probably bought the chips himself . I just think they kinda say a lot here. For example I really get the vibe that Mind alien expects us to have the munchies while listening to this. As "Alien Home World" offers a dense mesh of aquatic bubbling & otherworldly incantations from the nether for one to sit back in and explore with a corn-based snack at hand.

Anyway Mind Alien is Shane 3McDowell (also of the Portland duo Twins, also, if I can be sidetracked for a moment, this is the 2nd underground music reference to the movie Twins starring former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny Devito. The other being Mudboy's R.A.F.) I ran into this by way of the wonderful Dog Daze Tapes who you may still be able to pick up a copy from.

Mind Alien's From Roswell With Love is available now via CGIFRIDAY, though we probably missed out on the chips as only the first 23 copies came with those. You can buy your own bag though, I'm sure.

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