Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trabajo - "Bodega Cat" | Track Feature

Traversing some almost ancient ground here. Trabajo create a nice blend of electronics that seem to take a grab bag of influences before putting them all into the juicer for our delight. There are hints of musical fruits from all over the map ranging from kraut-rock like exercises in kosmiche introspection and moments of electro-ethnic forgery my mind readily associates with early Gang Gang Dance to name a few without ever really hitting the nail on the head.

The track highlight "Bodega Cat" from the group's EP (2012) is a foray into some pseudo-minimalist kalimba compositions. This ode to every corner store's feline friend is exacting in it's percussive precision building up the energy until some atmospheric vocals enter calling for a heavy drum breakdown. The rest of the album follows suit weaving in and out of a the blur of the a hot and busy street.

Trabajo's EP (2012) is available now from the group's bandcamp.

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