Sunday, July 29, 2012

Loren Nerell - Point of Arrival | Album Feature

As synthesizers continue to whirl, in these times perhaps more than ever (or so it would seem), more unearthed gems of synthesized beauty continue to leak out of the crevasses of time. It's only natural I presume as the dust often needs to settle before any real understanding and excavation of the scene can take place. Loren Nerell's album Point of Arrival is one of these cases. At the time of it's original release being lost in the fabric of the day what with the original, and at the time totally unhip, New Age movement going strong and synthesizers being embedded within the popular music world's everyday language. There are always diamond's in the rough though and thanks to the folks at Forced Nostalgia Nerell's work has been given a second thought and all the 2.0 New Age kids (or had the number greatly surpassed this) can dig there mind body and soul into what came before.

On Point of Arrival a Nerell blends a myriad number of influences coalesce into a well thought out and entrancing adventure.  The album takes off with cold precision in opening track "Eldolon". It mixes bits of industrial elements and dance music, coming off like a serious cousin to the work of Chris & Cosey at the time. Things continue in this vein at moments dipping into the psychedelic end of electronic drones and even further into another post Throbbing Gristle act Coil came to be known for, if slightly more melodic in execution. The epic composition "Waves of Time" takes over the second half of this album. "Waves of Time" slowly builds over it's 22 minutes beginning with a quite hush of the ocean scape at dawn before the sequenced synthesizers and drum machine pulse fully takes form. It's the ideal ending for this adventurous record.

Loren Nerell's Point of Arrival is available now via Forced Nostalgia.

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