Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SFV Acid - #2 | Album Feature

This is some totally baked stuff right here. SFV Acid make bonkers dance music for the 21st first century. It''s as if the 80's and 90's MIDI craze has come full circle  and back in style √† la a more acidic (duh...) lens. I'm not trying to say Zane  Reynolds (the mastermind beyond SFV Acid) is on that tip. Honestly he probably has some sweet analog gear or something, who doesn't love that stuff these days) It must be something about the compositional structure mixed with the tones that's creating the reference to me. Each seem to have just the right amount of child-like playfulness and lack of pretension.

It's not all weirdo hysteric vibes though. When you get down to the nitty gritty Zane Reynolds has an understanding of the history of dance music, a knowledge that extends past the dawning of dubstep and ceaseless amounts of club ready minimal techno & house records that can make one want to vomit. There is a similarity here to adventurous techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins seen through a hypnogogic veil. A fun trip.

SFV Acid's #2 is available now via PPM Records

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