Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Phemale - "A Colonial Fire" | Track Feature

Phemale's "A Colonial Fire" and entire album Root Terror for that matter is at a cross roads somewhere between  classic sci-fi soundtracks of year's past, the industrial thrust of much of underground electronic music of the 1980's, and some kosmiche music thrown in to spice up the pot a bit. There is nothing like the electronic solo artist to really get to the heart of total weirdness. Maybe it is the solitude of solo work that does it, a certain degree of isolation that brings one to the outer limits. But who knows maybe Phemale is a social extrovert party monster at heart.

I mention this because there does seem to be some idea of writing "hits" or at least music that steps beyond the readily inaccessible. "A Colonial Fire" wouldn't be out of place in some apocalyptic film from the 80's. It could be the soundtrack to some lo budget Blade Runner. Where the composer working with what's in front of them produces the haunting ambiance which maybe the flicks only resounding success, even with the tape hiss at maximum capacity.

Phemale's track "A Colonial Fire" is available now on Free Music Archive.

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