Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer - Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer | Album Feature

First off I would like to make a point in mentioning that this should be listened to some sort of decent speakers. You just won't be able to hear everything coming through crummy computer speakers or earbuds. This happens. It's ok. We shall prevail. 

Anyway Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer works within a heady conceptual realm of contemporary compositions. Something which roughly translates to is "music for those who like to think in the post-noise, post-minimalist, post-new music kinda world." You know one where digital freedom allows for vast histories & futures to unfold before our eyes.

The trio roughly inhabit a interzone or contradictory place within the musical landscape. Performing group leader Weston Minissali's compositions on one hand allude towards more traditional forms of academic music, while their freeform / improv based structures & fact that each were written for the specific players begets another answer. At moments the sound like a more straight laced Jon Hassell while at others mixing in elements of classic electronic music of the past like Karl Stockhausen or a myriad contemporary noise/sound artists put in the room with a jazz band.

Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer's self-titled debut album is available now via Prom Night Records.

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