Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ashley Paul - Slow Boat | Album Feature

People seem to be generally afraid of silence in the context of music. Silence can feel fragile. We're the bull in a glass house. Ashley Paul seems to understand this. Maybe I'm projecting, or possibly coming from more of a "rock" background where this type of thing rarely exists. Except for the realm of Mayo Thompson & his Red Krayola, someone whom Paul at times reminds me quiet a lot of, or should I reverse that.

Either way this video a collaboration of sorts with audio from Ashley Paul & animation from Gretta Johnson. I'm not sure which came first. The chicken or the egg. I'm not sure which is the chicken or the egg. I'm not sure it matters. If it does let me know & I'll email someone. But really this is a fine pairing at any rate. The slow building motifs & movements of each artist fully compliment the other. 

Paul's use of voice is something that really brings this all together in my perspective. Her precise compositions walk a fine line of too controlled but the human voice enters to relieve the cool detachment with a instrument more primal & immediate. Even when drawn out to the last gasp & whisper it is enough to satisfy this urge I feel for something that does not feel fabricated.

Ashley Paul's Slow Boat is available now via Orange Milk Records.

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