Monday, September 19, 2011

SIlent Barn Benefit Compilation

Obsolete Units has made a 2cdr / download compilation available in support of the Brooklyn DIY space Silent Barn. The space (which has hosted shows by Last Nights and have always been the nicest dudes around) was established in 2004 and has become one of NYC's premier venues for experimental / avant-garde musics, many up & coming indie bands, along with being the HQ of Babycastles & Showpaper. Unfortunately due to some unfortunate circumstances the people behind Silent Barn have been forced to vacate their former home & are currently seeking a new permanent space from which they can continue serving the local & national music community by putting on affordable shows running the spectrum of the current state of underground & alternative musics. Obsolete Units has gathered together a large group of artist in support of Silent Barn for this release, with all the proceeds going directly towards funding the Barn in establishing a permanent home.

The artists represented on the compilation, aptly titled The Noise From Ridgewood, features exclusive tracks by some of Brooklyn's (& beyond) talented musicians who have passed through or been involved in the space. The album boasts music by the likes of C. Spencer Yeh, Excepter, MV Carbon, Tomutonttu, Aaron Dillaway, & The Tenses among many others, running the gamut of harsh noise grain, surrealist audio collage, & electronic bleaps & burps. A listen definitely worth your attention & for a good cause at that.

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