Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pigeons - "Tournoi" video & "Dead Echo"

Pigeons have been at it for a some now. They have quietly released a handful of albums & singles over the years on labels such as Black Dirt, Olde English Spelling Bee, & Soft Abuse to name a few. With each release the duo (now quartet), featuring members of No Neck Blues Band, has evolved their song craft to new heights, adding bits of pop shimmer, foreign tongues, & dashes of psychedelic weirdness.

The band is getting set to release their newest full-length They Sweartheartstammers. In anticipation of the LP the track "Tournoi" has received some video treatment courtesy of Amy Ruhl. The track features some classy fuzz guitar lines that lead straight into one of Pigeons most sulty vocal deliveries yet. You can get a further peak into the album with the track "Dead Echo", which features a slightly more experimental bent with tumbling/jerking rhythm and tons of fuzz dark ambiance pervading the mix. They Sweatheartstammers is available Oct. 18th on Soft Abuse.

Pigeons "Dead Echo" by Soft Abuse

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