Friday, May 27, 2011

Colour Bük

Colour Bük are a rather paradoxical duo. Adam Kastin & Brandon Wulle are infamous to some & totally off the radar for others so far. As a witness to a few shows the band has played over the years I've seen quite a few eclectic performances, some of which have included members getting completely nude while banging a large ammunition shell & a brawl that sent someone to the hospital. Add to this the mysterious, read fake, biographies they have made up some which include releasing records through their "german" label Wir Wollen Wulle & a homeless genius that took the two on as his apprentices.

Beyond all of these constructed narratives there lies a certain bent on combining high & low, beautiful & ugly, good & bad. In the process melding each together into a single inseparable unit. Colour Bük have developed a dark and quirky sound the is pretty unique. After explaining all this it may be funny that the group is only now kicking it into high gear and releasing some great music on a wider scale.

The first of these releases is Our Favorite Fucking Day of the Goddamn Year, which is seeing its physical release on cassette via Weird Forest. The album perhaps is a more light hearted affair than many Colour Bük releases without diminishing the total creep factor. It mixes weirdo tape loop experimentation with some jagged songs that combine electronics and guitars just right.

The second release, and final for now, is Licht Dinger through the band aforementioned label Wir Wollen. The album includes a more 'punk rock' (whatever that means) oriented approach. The album showcases classic Colour Bük live tracks like The Fall Suck and Stay Depress each enveloped in a much harsher atmosphere than Our Favorite Fucking Day. The album does cede one similarity in the overall song structures and concepts though, switching between abstract composition to traditional verse-chorus structuring.

Colour Bük aren't even slowing down after the release of their LP. They already have a split planned for August with Smegma & are in the middle of planning a split with Tenses. That album is due out on Weird Forest in the upcoming months.

The group have some fantastic upcoming shows in support of the releases, one of these shows will be with Smegma founders Ju Suk Reete Meate & Jackie Oblivia, each of which is at a Last Nights venue favorite Silent Barn.

June 16th - Queens, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Jooklo Duo+Bill Nace, Yeh/Ju Suk/Jackie trio, Devin Gary & Ross, DJ Nat Roe
July 11th - Queens, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Garrincha & The Stolen Elk & more

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